About Us

SparroWeb Vision

We develop, maintain, optimize old and new systems. Our company is based on the best specialists who possess both hard and soft skills. We do not waste too much time in meetings, we are particular. In our team, we do not hold unnecessary professions (Scrum Master, Project Manager, etc.), which are abundant in corporate projects or companies that overly want to be like a corp. We like specifics, just like our clients.
SparroWeb employs people who have technical knowledge but will also easily discuss business requirements with UX/UI designers. The leads participate wholeheartedly in the development of the project, so they have excellent knowledge of the direction our work is developing.
When working with clients, we inquire about everything that is important according to the convention of “be on the same page”. Once the requirements are clarified, we proceed to implementation. Thanks to our self-organization, we can add unintended functionalities, according to the client’s wishes, during the development.

Typical professions, existing to charge the end customers – there are none among us!

Project Manager


Project Imager

Scrum Master


Scam Master

Business Analyst


Deal Analyst